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Author: Jordan Lockhart

The Complete New York Film Camera Buying Guide

I searched this city up and down for film cameras and film photography equipment. I put that knowledge into this…

Rollei AFM 35: the Good, the Bad, and the Klasse.

Unless you are an avid point and shoot film camera collector, it’s likely you have never heard of the Rollei…

Shooting the Fuji Superia 1600 35mm Film – A First Roll Review

Fuji Superia 1600 is potentially the perfect film for most any casual situation, from sunlit outdoors to dim indoor interiors it provides a very fine grain structure for its class maintaining rich color saturation in low light

Gear Mat, a Camera Lover’s Replacement for Bags and Cases

Created by the writer of Cameraplex, Gear Mat™is a new product aimed at camera lovers. The vision is to protect and promote unbound interaction…

Afghan Girl & the Nikon FM2

One of the most well-known photos of our time is that of the ‘Afghan Girl’. Taken by photographer Steve McCurry…

Top 100 Strangest Cameras from Around the World Part 1

Cameras can come in all shapes and sizes. The rules that define a functioning camera allow for endless design possibilities….

Priceless Reactions to Worlds First Cell Phone Camera

  As a photographer it’s often said that the best camera you have is the one you have with you….

Ricoh Returns with the Digital Ricoh GR II

  The Ricoh GR is back, though not much has changed. If you’re not familiar with the Ricoh GR, it’s a…

4k Cameras You Can Fit in Your Pocket

Back in the day it was commonplace for machines to segregate their photo and video capabilities. But all that changed…

TIME Magazine’s Best iPhone Photos of the Year

Like it or not, there has not been such a movement in photography since the Kodak Brownie in 1900 as…

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