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The Complete New York Film Camera Buying Guide

I searched this city up and down for film cameras and film photography equipment. I put that knowledge into this…

Rollei AFM 35: the Good, the Bad, and the Klasse.

Unless you are an avid point and shoot film camera collector, it’s likely you have never heard of the Rollei…

Shooting the Fuji Superia 1600 35mm Film – A First Roll Review

Fuji Superia 1600 is potentially the perfect film for most any casual situation, from sunlit outdoors to dim indoor interiors it provides a very fine grain structure for its class maintaining rich color saturation in low light

Afghan Girl & the Nikon FM2

One of the most well-known photos of our time is that of the ‘Afghan Girl’. Taken by photographer Steve McCurry…

222 Photography Tips and Tricks

Whether it be the classic Sunny 16, or the day reciprocity finally made sense, somewhere along the way we’ve all picked up a trick…

Sony A6000 vs Everything

  With news of a Sony A6000 predecessor coming mid-June, two things come to mind for current A6000 fans. One,…

Looks Achieved with Different Types of Camera Lenses

For beginner photographers and videographers, understanding what lens you may need and why you need it can be very confusing….

Inspirational Images from a NASA Space Photographer

Today, Wednesday the 22nd of April, marks the 45th year of Earth Day. A day dedicated for support of environmental protection….

A Case for Street Photography with A Telephoto Lens

Street photography is the photography of street life, be it people, animals, architecture, nature, or public spaces where they all…

The Artistry & Technique of A London Forensic Photographer

As photographers we often find ourselves waist deep in odd-jobs searching for that next big opportunity. From the inaugural $150 wedding job to the…

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