NASA Space Photographer , Cupola Window Camera Setup Astronaut Cameraplex

Cupola Observatory Module Aboard the ISS. (We have ourselves a Nikon fan!)

Today, Wednesday the 22nd of April, marks the 45th year of Earth Day. A day dedicated for support of environmental protection. In celebration of Earth Day, let’s take a look at our planet through the eyes of an astronaut and photographer.

NASA Space Photographer , Nikon-Camera-Swap-in-Space-Gif-Cameraplex


Donald Pettit is an American chemical engineer and NASA astronaut. With seven missions to space and two long stays aboard the International Space Station, Donald gives us and inspirational insight into the vast possibilities of seeing things differently.


NASA Space Photographer: Cupola Frontier

 Time-lapse Earth from Space & Aurora Borealis


More Awesome Space Pictures from Donald Pettit

NASA Space Photographer , Expedition 31 star trail composite using iss

Images: Don Pettit/NASA

Crew portrait in thermal Ir Cameraplex

Astronauts Have More Fun

NASA Space Photographer , big lens nikon fisheye Cameraplex

Comment below if you can name that Nikon lens!

NASA Space Photographer, black marble Cameraplex NASA Space Photographer , Earth from Space Cameraplex NASA Space Photographer, low angle Cameraplex NASA Space Photographer , juggling cameras in space Cameraplex golden panel Cameraplex Nikon fisheye of fisheye Cameraplex   Astronaut Photography Cameraplex Banner


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